■ Place: Moknae-dong, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
■ Date: January 27, 2023 (Friday)
Date : 2023.01.30
Written by David Yeo of GSA
Today, we would like to tell you about the contents that we participated in and announced at the technology seminar held at Anest Iwata Korea Corp.. located in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, on January 27, 2023.

This technology seminar was held at the beginning of each year by Anest Iwata Korea for the purpose of providing product technology for the head office and agency personnel.
Japan’s Anest Iwata Co., Ltd. started with the painting equipment division based on world-class quality spray guns, as well as the world’s first oil-free scroll air compressor and booster air compressor division as well as the world’s first oil-free scroll vacuum pump. is a company that contributes to the development of the oil-free industry around the world.
In 2005, the joint venture, Anest Iwata Korea Corp., Ltd. was established and is gradually expanding the oil-free market in Korea. The company is contributing to improving energy efficiency and reducing pollutant emissions in the industry.
Anest Iwata Korea Corp. is introducing and selling oil-free scroll compressor, oil-free claw compressor, oil-free reciprocating compressor as well as oil-free booster compressor that enables pressure boosting, dry scroll vacuum pump using oil-free scroll principle, small nitrogen generators adopting a membrane method in Korea.
GSA – Global Standard Air / Gas a specialized company that develops and manufactures various types of industrial air dryers, gas dryers, air chillers, gas chillers, gas generators, gas purifiers, air filters, drain traps, etc. We attended this event as a supplier of equipment.

We, GSA, who were invited to this event, introduced the recently developed Eco Pro plus+ series air dryer and Combination Air Dryer new products to the attendees.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, we introduced the new Eco Pro plus+ series air dryer and Combination air dryer packages.

The Eco Pro plus+ series air dryer (HYD-EP+ series) replaces the existing high-temperature refrigeration type air dryer (HYD-HTN series). It is the same as the type air dryer (HYD-N2 series) and includes 2 to 3 compressed air filters inside depending on the model.

The performance of the AIR to AIR side of the aluminum heat exchanger and the heat exchanger itself are reinforced, and at the same time, the 2 to 3 pcs of built-in compressed air filter is installed to provide a stable dew point by efficiently cooling the high-temperature compressed air without the need for an aftercooler, which was previously applied to high-temperature applications of GSA air dryers.
Air compressor is one of the rotating equipment that consumes a lot of energy in the industrial field. Applying high-efficiency motors and applying VSD (Variable Speed Driven) technology to air compressors, various efforts have been made to reduce energy consumption.
combination-air dryer
Various efforts are being made to save energy in compressed air treating equipment. One of them is the combination air drying technology.

In the case of a desiccant air dryer, especially a heatless air dryer, about 15% of compressed air is usually purged to discharge the moisture adsorbed to the adsorbent. However, when a lower dew point is required, more than 20% compressed air may be purged. It is a level of energy consumption that cannot be overlooked.

Desiccant air dryers developed to reduce such energy consumption are a heated type, a heated blower type, and a zero purge type. However, since these air dryers are also equipped with a heater that consumes a large amount of electrical energy, it is possible to save energy compared to the heatless type, but it is true that there are limitations to some extent.

A product developed to overcome these limitations is a combination air dryer. After the AIR to REFRIGERANT heat exchange in the refrigerated air dryer, cold air is supplied to the adsorption air dryer to significantly lower the load on the adsorption dryer, and the dry air discharged from the adsorption dryer is reheated through the AIR to AIR heat exchanger of the refrigeration dryer. It is designed to make the compressed air going out after being re-heated to minimize the phenomenon of moisture condensation in the discharge pipe in summer. When the load on the adsorption dryer is reduced while interacting with the refrigeration dryer, the filling amount of the adsorbent is reduced, and the size of the pressure vessel and the capacity of the heater are also reduced in proportion to it, minimizing energy consumption.
As shown in the table above, it can be confirmed that the combination air dryer saves more than 50% of energy compared to when the adsorption type air dryer and the refrigeration type dryer are installed alone without interaction. Therefore, if companies that use large-capacity adsorption dryers introduce combination air dryers, they will be able to enjoy significant energy savings and cost savings.
Thank you for your time.