GSA's 2nd-generation Med-temperature Dryer Exhibition Held.

On March 17, we visited Kyungwon Machinery Industry Headquarters, which is leading the Korean air compressor market, to hold a show for our newly developed products. The fair was held in great success with all key departments in charge of development, sales, and CS of the headquarters.

The Med-temperature Dryer has been recently developed as a replacement for the existing high temperature dryer. It is capable of excellent energy saving by incorporating a cycling method. This exhibition was a place to explain and evaluate it.



The functions of the Precooler and Hot Gas Bypass Valve that existed in the High-temperature Dryers have been removed. Built-in filters of 40㎛, 5㎛, and 1ppm, which were applied from 5 to 20 horsepower class, have been changed to 5㎛, 1ppm and 0.1ppm. In doing so, filtering efficiency has been improved. All of this was explained at the fair.

Product composition of the 2nd-generation Dryer for Med-temp(HYDM-N2) and High-temp(HYD-HTNS)


Existing High-temperature products (to be discontinued)


2nd generation product for medium temperature
(substitute product for existing high temperature)


*Supply compressed air with higher quality than existing high-temperature products by reinforcing the function of removing particles and oil.


GSA's 2nd-generation Med-temperature Refrigeration Dryer uses a heat exchanger made of a single aluminum material with excellent heat transfer. It is designed through our special technology. Not only that, but it simultaneously acts as a heat storage medium and uses the cooling energy accumulated in the heat exchanger. It is suitable for use in factories where the load is low or the compressed air usage pattern is intermittent. In particular, when used for a long time, operation costs can be lowered through considerable energy savings.

You can get 99% energy saving efficiency when operating without load of PCM dryer of J company in Korea. Compared to that, the energy saving rate of GSA's Med-temperature dryer is 97%, and the gap is very slight, with a gap of more than 2%.

Compared to products that use VSD (Variable Speed ​​Driven) and BLDC (Bushless DC) motors that control the rotational speed of refrigerant compressors, GSA dryers have a simple structure, compact, and excellent reliability.