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GSA Non-Fuzzy Adsorbent Dryer

Desiccant air dryer is used in many kinds of industries where air quality is paramount for the production process and end products. These applications include food and beverage processing, the pharmaceutical industry (manufacturing and packaging), wastewater treatment, chemical and petrochemical processing, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, medical sector, automotive paint spraying, textile manufacturing and many more. Contamination by even the smallest quantities of water can result in production downtime and product spoilage.

GSA's innovative airstream distributor and optimally sized vessels and pipes makes sure the compressed air is distributed properly with minimal pressure drop. Complete range of desiccant air dryers for a broad variety of industries and applications with dew points from -20 to -70°C prevents water from entering your products or process.

 Zero purge loss is a type of externally heated compressed air dryer. The blower purge takes atmospheric air in through a blower. The air is heated to between 350°F and 500°F (120.4°C to 260°C) and channeled to the wet tower. The hot air drives the moisture off the desiccant. Tower cooling is also done by atmospheric air. So the compressed air from the air compressor is not purged out.

GSA's heat of compression desiccant air dryer uses the heat generated by the non-lubricated compressor during normal operation to dry the desiccant. This design reduces utility costs. With heat from compression compressed air dryers has the lowest utility costs of all heated compressed air dryers.

Desiccant air dryer are excellent condensate removal producing high quality compressed air.

PHL series, POM series, PEH series, PEHB series, ZEHB/ZEHC series, Combination Air Dryer, Compressed Air Supply System, Customized Desiccant Air Dryer

Recommended Dew Points

Application Pressure Dew Point(°F) Pressure Dew Point(°C)
Air Motors(high efficiency) -40 to 38 -40 to 3.3
Air Motors(low efficiency) -20 -28.8
Breathing Air(subsequently humidified) -40 to 38 -40 to 3.3
Chemical Processing -40 -40
Control Air Industrial services -40 -40
Cryogenic Systems -100 -73.3
Drying Processes -40 to 4 -40 to -15.5
General Services(indoors) -40 to 50 -40 to 10
General Services(outdoors) -100 to 38 -73.3 to 3.3
Instrumentation (industrial services) -40 -40
Instrumentation (laboratory services) -60 -51.1
Microelectronic Service -100 to -40 -73.3 to -40
Paint Spray Service -40 to 38 -40 to 3.3
Pharmaceutical Services -100 to -40 -73.3 to -40
PHL series

PHL series


POM series


PEH series


PEHB series


ZEHB/ZEHC series


Combination Air Dryer


Compressed Air Supply System


Customized Desiccant Air Dryer