GSA Co., Ltd. participated in MTA HANOI 2022 (MTA Vietnam Hanoi Machinery Fair) held in Hanoi, Vietnam from October 12 (Wednesday) to October 14 (Friday), 2022.

MTA HANOI 2022, the largest machinery fair in northern Vietnam, was held at the Hanoi International Exhibition Center (I.C.E) from October 12 to 14, 2022, after 3 years due to the corona virus.

This exhibition has been held every other year since 2008 as an exhibition supported by the Vietnamese government to develop the machinery industry in Vietnam.

MTA Hanoi Machinery Fair is an exhibition that showcases precision engineering, tools, and metal processing related products and 98% of buyers visit in Vietnam.

Several Korean companies such as GS Caltex and Hansong also participated individually.

Hanoi is transforming into a city that is very important not only politically but also economically, with the recent surge in phosphorus and rapid economic growth.

In northern Vietnam and Hanoi region, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and more than 300 business partners have entered the market together, and electrical and electronics industry clusters have been established around these companies, making Hanoi emerging as a rising center of the machinery industry.

[Exhibition Overview]

1.Event Name: The 8th Vietnam Hanoi Machinery Fair (MTA HANOI 2022)

2.Period: October 12 (Wed) – October 14 (Fri), 2022

3.Venue: Hanoi International Center for Exhibition (I.C.E. Hanoi)

4.Hosted by: UBM VES

5.Exhibition area: 5500sqm

6.Participation Status (2019): 158 companies from 15 participating countries, 5003 buyers, National Pavilion: Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany

7.Exhibited items: metal cutting machine, CNC lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, sawing machine, laser processing machine, metal forming machine, bending machine, bending machine, spinning machine, bolt, nut forming machine, welding technology, measuring device, measuring machine, robot, bearing, hydraulic pressure Unit, hydraulic pump, lubrication system, oil cooler, chip conveyor, automatic material feeder, CAD/CAM, motor (AC/DC, geared, servo), CNC system, inverter, stepping motor, transmission, reducer, ball screw, sensor , Air Compressor, Air Dryer

I.C.E – International Centre for Exhibition

91 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Located in the city center of Hanoi, the exhibition hall was small enough to be difficult to compare with the KINTEX and COEX exhibition halls in Korea.


Inside view of MTA HANOI 2022 exhibition hall (1)

Inside view of MTA HANOI 2022 exhibition hall (2)

Inside view of MTA HANOI 2022 exhibition hall (3)

Hwacheon Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a global company specializing in the manufacture of metal machine tools, which provides the fundamental driving force for the development of Korea’s industry and is solidifying its position as a living witness of history from the birth of machine tools, which forms the basis of machine technology, to today. no see.

It is a company leading the development of machine tools in Korea by developing the first covered lathe in Korea and distributing it to industrial sites, and developing gear-driven lathes and NC lathes in turn.

Since the NC lathes manufactured by Hwacheon  are driven by compressed air, the quality of compressed air is one of the essential factors for the stable operation of NC lathes.

Hwacheon used air dryers made in the USA, Europe, and Japan before using the refrigerated air dryer manufactured by GSA. The company suffered a lot from air dryers that did not produce stable dew-point.

However, by applying GSA refrigeration air dryer to their NC lathes, they have resolved all concerns about compressed air quality so far.

GSA – Global Standard Air / Gas  exhibited  a non-cycling type refrigeration air dryer HYD-200N (for 200 HP air compressor) and a cycling type refrigeration air dryer HYD-100EP+ (for 100 HP air compressor) at this exhibition.

HYD-100EP+,  an energy-saving air dryer has two compressed air filters inside. In the future, the HYD-EP+ series will replace the HYD-HTN high inlet temperature refrigeration air dryer currently produced by our company.

A buyer who imports and sells Korean Freeze dryers visited our booth and paid close attention to the inside and outside of the refrigerated air dryer.

During the exhibition period, we visited PSI Vietnam in Hanoi, Vietnam and held a technical seminar on refrigeration air dryer and adsorption air dryer.

PSI Vietnam, established in 2013, is a company that sells and provides air compressors from Ingersoll Rand and CompAir in the United States, ELGI in India, Sungshin air compressors in Korea and CECCATO and FRIRLAIR air dryers in Italy in Vietnam.

The president of our Vietnam Hanoi customer, who has been importing and selling products produced by our company, such as refrigerated air dryers, adsorption air dryers, and nitrogen generators, to Vietnam since 2011, visited our booth with the staff.