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For employees of Kyungwon Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. head office and agencies, on June 13, 2022 (Monday) in our small meeting room, we held a technical training on the principles and services of refrigeration air dryer, adsorption air dryer, aftercooler, air filter, and auto drain trap.

To Kyungwon, as a leading air compressor manufacturer in Korea, we, GSA are supplying various compressed air treating equipment such as refrigeration air dryers, desiccant air dryers , compressed air filters and gas generators.

Prior to the full-scale technical training, for about 20 minutes, all watched a video titled “Why do you need growth in your career?” by CEO Junhee Lee, who runs a YouTube channel with 430,000 subscribers. This video explained that we can build success and grow through the work we do in the company we belong to, depending on what we set our mind to.

GSA Training Center

Many people working at air compressor companies have a deep understanding of air compressors, but they often do not have a deep knowledge level of compressed air treatment equipment, which has a distinctly different operating principle from that of air compressors. In this education, it can be said that it is essential.

In the past, we visited a training center of air compressor manufacturing companies and provided a training with a very limited time but this training is conducted in such a way that employees working at the air compressor manufacturing company visit our company and receive training.

Therefore, it was a good opportunity for us to explain the broad and in-depth contents of GSA products to them.

In the case of refrigeration air dryers, people working at air compressor companies tend to have a bit of difficulty with refrigeration air dryers because understanding of refrigeration systems such as air conditioners is required.

In particular, if a leak occurs somewhere in the refrigerant system of the refrigeration air dryer, the engineer shall understand the process of adjusting the hot gas bypass valve after finding the leaking location, welding, holding the vacuum, and filling the appropriate amount of refrigerant . In order to respond competently to service problems that arise, it must be accompanied by a complete understanding and experience of the system.

people who educated

In the morning training session, general company introduction of “GSA”, audio-visual training related to self-development, various applications of compressed air treatment system throughout the industry, and basic principles of refrigeration air dryer were provided.

In the afternoon training session, training was conducted on the service tips of refrigerated air dryers, the basic principles and service tips of adsorption air dryers, and the principles and service tips of Aftercooler, Air Filter, and Auto Drain.

people who educated

After completing all training, all toured the office and manufacturing sites where refrigeration air dryers, adsorption air dryers, and gas generators are being manufactured.

[Office view]
GAS Products
[Refrigeration air dryer production site]
training on how to use an air dryer
[Air Chiller production site]
GAS Products
[Air Filter production site]
GAS Product
[Desiccant air dryer production site]
GAS Product
[Hydrogen De-oxo equipment production site]

After the training and factory tour, everyone took a commemorative photo together.

The employees of Kyungwon Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd., who attended the Air Dryer basic training in the first half of 2022, worked hard to receive the training all day. We hope it has been of some help to you in your work. Thank you very much.