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  • 원리
    Argon is adsorbed by zeolite, less than other gases of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
    contained in as raw gas. By utilizing this characteristic, high-purity argon gas can be recovered
    and redefined from the argon-rich raw gas..
  • 특징
    1. High-purity argon gas (max. 99.99%) can be recovered.

    2. High recovery yield of 70 to 80%
  • 용도
    1. Steel industry recovery of argon from the waste gas of :
       RH vacuum degassing furnces
       Continuous casting facilities
       LF furnaces

    2. Semiconductor industry
        Recovery of argon from the waste gas of silicon monocrystallizer

    3. Others
        Recovery of argon from other gases containing argon
  • 프로세스(상압재생방식)
    If you are interested in the process, please feel free to contact our company.

  • 사양
    Capacity  : max. 1,000m³/h(nor.) per unit

    Purity       : max. 99.99%

    Dew point :  -70ºC at 1atm