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  • 원리
    Oxygen gas generation system generates oxygen with standard purity of 90% ~ 95%. The system is variable from small facility of oxygen generation rate ot that of 2500m³/h (nor.) per unit.
  • 특징
    1. On-site oxgen production at lower cost

    2. The purity of oxygen can be increased up to 95%
      (Ex.) The composition of oxygen gas with a purity of 93% is as follows :
      Oxygen      :  93%
      Argon        :  4.5%
      Nitrogen    : 2.5%

      Dew point : -60ºC  at 1atm

    3. Low operation cost
        Since a vacuum desorption system is employed, its power consumption is smaller than of other system.

    4. Oxygen gas can be obtained immediately after start-up.

    5. Automatic control

    6. Compact design
  • 용도
    1. Supply of oxygen for various kinds of furnaces
         Electric arc furnaces for steel making, smelting of non ferrous metals (cooper, zinc, aluminum, etc.),
         glass making and various kinds of kilns

    2. Pulp and paer industry
          Oxygen aeration and ozone bleaching

    3. Waste water treatment facilities 
          Oxygen aeration and ozone generation

    4. Chemical industry
          Various kinds of oxidation reactions

    5. Fermentation industry

    6. Pisciculture

    7. Air conditioning

    8. Others

  • 프로세스(상압재생방식)
    Adsorber System :
    Air filtered for removal of dusts is boosted to approximately 0.039MPaG by air blower and then introduced into an adsorber. Nitrogen, moisture and carbon dioxide are adsorbed by synthetic zeolite filled in the adsorber to generate oxygen as the adsorption step. After this steop, a vacuum pump evacuates this adsorber down to approximately 200 Torr (27kPa) as the desorption step. This steps of adsorption and desorption are alternately repeated for every 30 seconds by two adsorbers, so that oxygen of maximum 95% concentration is continously generated.

    Two-Adsorber System :
    The two-adsorber system will bring the facility cost lower than that of the three-adsorber system and the same performance.
  • 사양
    Capacity :  max. 2,500m³/h(nor.) per unit

    Purity       :  90~95%

    Dew point    :  - 60ºC at 1atm