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  • 원리
    The hydrogen is hardly adsorbed compared with the other gases. By utilizing this characteristic,
    high-purity hydrogen can be easily separated from the mixed gas by adsorption of all other gases.

  • 특징
    1. Our system can be designed in compact size because the adsorbent supperior in performance is employed.
    2. The pre-filter equipped with the adsorber makes it possible to recover dirty gas (COG, etc.) with high efficiency and other special pretreatment.
  • 용도
    1. Purification of hydrogen obtained by decomposition methanol or natural gases

    2. Recovery of hydrogen from COG (Coke  Oven Gas)

    3. Recovery of hydrogen from other gases containing hydrogen

    4. Purification of hydrogen
  • 프로세스(상압재생방식)
    Please contact our company if you are interested in the process.
  • 사양
    Capacity :   max 5,000m³/h (nor.) per unit

    Purity     :   max 99.999%