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  • 원리
    The molecular diameter of oxygen is slightly smaller than that of nitrogen. This difference in molecular diameter enables quicker diffusion and adsorption of oxygen in micro pores of CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) than that of nitrogen. At the same time, moisture and carbon dioxide in the air are also adsorbed in the micro pores of CMS. The above figure shows the correlation between adsorption ratio and adsorption time of oxygen and ntrogen respectively. The adsorption of oxygen is much faster than that of nitrogen. Our nitrogen gas generation system uses such CMS as can utilize the difference characteristics between oxygen and nitrogen described above.
  • 특징
    1. On-site nitrogen production at lower cost

    2. The most experienced gas separtion tehnology in the world

    3. Flexibility to meet the customers' needs

         Nitrogen PSA system is capable of meeting a wide range of requirements of nitrogen quality.

    4. Automatic control on operation conditions
  • 용도
    1. Blanketing
      Blanketing and transportation of explosive or inflammable susbstances.

    2. Purging
       Purging of tanks, pipes, etc.

    3. Heat treatment
        Adjustment of atpospheric condition ofor bright hardening, bright annealling, carburizing, nitriding, tempering, etc.

    4. Atmospheric control
        Tire vulcanization system, CA storage, prevention of oxidation of edible oil, etc.

    5. Food packing
        Prevention of quality deterioraton of food such as tea, instant coffee, coffee, cookies, etc.

    6. Manufacture of semiconductors, electronic parts, etc.

    7. Relow furnace
  • 프로세스(상압재생방식)
    Air compressed to approximately 0.69MPaG by an air compressor is introduced into the bottom of the adsorber. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture adsorbed by CMS in the adsorber are desorbed at atmospheric pressure. High purity nitrogen gas is generated through pressurization-to-depressurization swing which is performed alternately by two adsorbers. 
  • 사양
    Capacity : 2,000m³/h(nor.) N₂99%

    Purity     : 95~99.999% (N2+Ar)

    The system can be desinged to achieve optionally 10 ppm  O₂or less.

    Moisture : dew point -60ºC at 1atm